Dog Rescue

International Animal Rescue has been working in Goa on the west...

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Macaque Rescue

Macaques are one of the most traded primate species in Indonesian...

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Slow Loris Rescue

The slow loris in Indonesia is in serious danger of extinction and...

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Bear Rescue

The cruel practice of dancing bears was made illegal in India...

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Our Mission


Stay Gold Custom Car Show was inspired by the members of Strong Car Club which started up in Langley 25 years ago. The car club was a great group of local car enthusiasts who got together and had fun times customizing their cars and taking part in many car events over the years. Some members have kept really involved in the car community over the years and some have taken on other life responsibilities but all are coming together for this great cause! Mental health is difficult for most to talk about and as such finding resources to support it is not always as easy as it may seem. We as a club felt that by doing our part to raise awareness would go a long way in the community and hopefully inspire someone to talk about it and maybe change or save someone’s life.

It seems our system for mental health resources still requires a great deal of awareness and funding brought to the table as right now most people do not know where to turn. We realized that many of us had been in a dark place at one time or another in our lives and we were not really aware of the signs of symptoms of mental illness. We decided to hold a fundraiser and help the people who have no extended medical or limited funds to go to a professional to get some help. We felt we could best honor and support people we know who struggle with Mental Illness by holding a fundraiser and making sure the money stays in the community where it could help people in the area.

We have decided to partner with Langley Community Services Society who serve our community and will be able to distribute the funds in an appropriate manner to benefit those who have no resources. We hope to make this a yearly event and look forward to the support from the community. As of this date, we have received overwhelming support and look forward to helping those who cannot help themselves.


A huge thank you to those who have made this event possible!


Donations are being organized through the Langley Community Services Society